Longborough Lunch Club

On every 2nd and 4th of Tuesday of the month, we host a lunch club for Cotswold Friends. It starts at 12:30pm and is £6.50 for two courses. If you are interested in coming then please ring: 01608 697007

Winter Hours

On the 1st of October we are going back to the winter hours.

The hours are:

Monday- Thursday- 11:30 am to 3 pm        6 pm to 11 pm

Friday -Sunday-  Open all day

Food Hours:

Monday- Saturday

12 pm – 2:30 pm                6 pm – 9 pm

Sunday- 12 pm to 5 pm

B&B rooms.

We are glad to say that the B&B rooms are now open and ready for business. If you would like to book a room, then please ring us on: 01451 830325

New Beer Garden.

We have a new beer garden is that is up and ready for use. Perfect for sitting outside in the lovely sunshine. 

Father Brown Filming.

We have recently had Father Brown filming at the pub. Here is a picture of the pub used in the ‘Brewers Daughter’ episode.

New Menu.

Here is our new and improved menu.

Special’s Board.

This is a sample of our specials board, that gets updated weekly.


New Pics of Coach & Horses Longborough

Thanks to Lucy for super pics

DSC_2774 DSC_2776 DSC_2777 DSC_2782 DSC_2783 DSC_2784 DSC_2785 DSC_2786 DSC_2798

Circular Walk Coach and Horses Longborough to Site of Battle of Stow

A circular walk of approximately 3.3 miles starts at the Coach and Horses Longborough, and takes in the site of the Battle of Stow, which in 1646 was the last battle of the English Civil War.

Along the way you’ll also see Banks Fee which is the home of Longborough Festival Opera, and visit the hamlet of Donnington.

Park near the pub and enjoy a meal on your return, and we’ll reserve a table for you on 01451 830325

Battle of Stow walk longborough
Battle of Stow walk route

Longborough to site of Battle of Stow
OS grid bearings

Grid: SP 17851 29656, Distance: 128yds, Bearing: 139

Grid: SP 17928 29568, Distance: 343yds, Bearing: 186

Grid: SP 17893 29256, Distance: 264yds, Bearing: 183

Grid: SP 17883 29015, Distance: 277yds, Bearing: 117

Grid: SP 18107 28898, Distance: 571yds, Bearing: 106

Grid: SP 18609 28752, Distance: 325yds, Bearing: 146

Grid: SP 18775 28506, Distance: 518yds, Bearing: 106

Grid: SP 19230 28372, Distance: 222yds, Bearing: 170

Grid: SP 19266 28172, Distance: 253yds, Bearing: 264

Grid: SP 19036 28148, Distance: 111yds, Bearing: 305

Grid: SP 18953 28207, Distance: 225yds, Bearing: 257

Grid: SP 18753 28159, Distance: 173yds, Bearing: 225

Grid: SP 18641 28047, Distance: 363yds, Bearing: 253

Grid: SP 18323 27951, Distance: 1117yds, Bearing: 341

Grid: SP 17983 28915, Distance: 158yds, Bearing: 348

Grid: SP 17953 29056, Distance: 314yds, Bearing: 337

Grid: SP 17840 29320, Distance: 287yds, Bearing: 34

Grid: SP 17987 29538, Distance: 210yds, Bearing: 288

Grid: SP 17804 29597

Circular Walk Moreton Caravan Club Site to Longborough

A circular walk of approximately 6.5 miles with a hearty welcome half-way at the Coach and Horses Longborough. You’ll walk via Bourton on the Hill, and through the grounds of Seizincote House onwards to Longborough. The retuern leg is slightly shorter, so linger awhile.

Call ahead and we’ll reserve a table for you 01451 830325


Circular Moreton Walk

Moreton Caravan Club to Coach and Horses Longborough Walk OS grid bearings
Start Grid: SP 19981 32304, Distance: 269yds, Bearing: 11 wtp3Click
Leg2 Grid: SP 20027 32545, Distance: 1182yds, Bearing: 282 wtp3Click
Leg3 Grid: SP 18971 32776, Distance: 534yds, Bearing: 303 wtp3Click
Leg4 Grid: SP 18564 33045, Distance: 343yds, Bearing: 236 wtp3Click
Leg5 Grid: SP 18305 32868, Distance: 521yds, Bearing: 189 wtp3Click
Leg6 Grid: SP 18230 32397, Distance: 812yds, Bearing: 282 wtp3Click
Leg7 Grid: SP 17505 32553, Distance: 1011yds, Bearing: 183 wtp3Click
Leg8 Grid: SP 17461 31630, Distance: 656yds, Bearing: 180 wtp3Click
Leg9 Grid: SP 17457 31030, Distance: 1174yds, Bearing: 162 wtp3Click
Leg10 Grid: SP 17785 30008, Distance: 389yds, Bearing: 172 wtp3Click
Leg11 Grid: SP 17833 29656, Distance: 118yds, Bearing: 99 wtp3Click
Leg12 Grid: SP 17939 29638, Distance: 149yds, Bearing: 17 wtp3Click
Leg13 Grid: SP 17980 29768, Distance: 246yds, Bearing: 96 wtp3Click
Leg14 Grid: SP 18204 29745, Distance: 500yds, Bearing: 12 wtp3Click
Leg15 Grid: SP 18297 30192, Distance: 877yds, Bearing: 34 wtp3Click
Leg16 Grid: SP 18743 30859, Distance: 401yds, Bearing: 42 wtp3Click
Leg17 Grid: SP 18989 31130, Distance: 568yds, Bearing: 38 wtp3Click
Leg18 Grid: SP 19312 31537, Distance: 636yds, Bearing: 83 wtp3Click
Leg19 Grid: SP 19889 31604, Distance: 761yds, Bearing: 30 wtp3Click
Leg20 Grid: SP 20241 32205, Distance: 229yds, Bearing: 279 wtp3Click
End Grid: SP 20034 32240 wtp3Click